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Empowering People - Impacting Lives


Here's What Our Clients Say..

Thank you for the information that you presented at the ‘Career Next Step’ workshop.  I will use my transferable skills when I re-do my “resume”.  Again, thanks. 

Jennifer Loyd - Administrative Specialist II

“Thank you for allowing me to put my goals in writing.  I appreciated being invited to your seminar. Please keep me on your mailing list so I can hear about other seminars.  Thanks again and God Bless You!”

LaJeanna Hudson – Health Care Professional 

“I felt the Etiquette workshop was not only helpful but very informative. I enjoyed the pop quiz to test your knowledge of business and/or personal etiquette. You think you know more than you do. Wrong!

Many of us didn’t have the basic knowledge of business etiquette. There were little tidbits of information such as the message you are sending to the wait staff when you turn your cup on its side or placing your napkin on the back of a chair. The role playing was so imaginative and extremely fun. Sometimes you can see yourself in the roll play. You thought you were doing things right but the perception of the business exec. was something else again.

The interactions with the presenters were first rate. They kept it moving and lively.  We all were totally engaged in what was being presented. Thank you so much for bringing this workshop. I would attend it again.” 

Sharon Ellis – Accounts Payable Analyst

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful, helpful and informative was your presentation.  Thank you so much, for your effort and ability to make clear all the topics (transferable skills, resumes/cover letters/interviewing skills). It is not easy, but now with so many resources, and information it will make my journey a bit easier, and able to navigate this new path.

Mary Gonzalez – Medical Interpreter/Translator 

Thank you so much for offering your precious time and knowledge to help produce emerging leaders like myself. You and Jesiah did an excellent job on that class. I have already started putting it into effect. I have also done some training with my staff as well.”

Tim Jones – Healthy Living Director 

“I Want To Thank You For Giving Me The Opportunity To Better Myself And My Life. My Key Points That I Have Decided To Practice This Week Were TO BE HUMBLE, And To Think Before Reacting. Although It Has Been A Challenge Practice Makes Perfect, Therefore I Won't Give Up On Myself And Will Continue To Work Hard. Thank You For Being An Inspirational Woman In My Life. 

Shanez Pendelton – College Student

“Expert leader. Gayle gives validity to evaluation and measurements process and confidence with policy volunteers. I would recommend Brock Consulting to other businesses or YMCA leaders.

David Martorano CEO – YMCA of Central KY 

My biggest take away was your passion for the subject of business etiquette. I plan utilize everything I learned on a day to day basis, and not take the little things for granted.

Garnett L. Phelps – Louisville, KY 

Youth Services Coordinator 

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I thoroughly enjoyed your class, and I honestly found the entire class to be extremely educational and I find myself analyzing all dinner tables now! I feel like I could be perfectly comfortable in a professional environment now, thanks to you!

Jennifer Quijada – Trinity, FL

Aquatic Member Engagement Director 

“On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest, I would rate this workshop a 5. This presentation should be a requirement for all Executive level and those aspiring to be at the Executive level. The information provided and interactive activities were excellent. Gayle did an awesome job in presenting and I would definitely recommend this workshop to others.”

Angela Howard – Executive Director 

Brock​ Consulting

Empowering People - Impacting Lives

Gayle A. Brock

Executive Consultant

Phone: 513-325-2361

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