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Empowering People - Impacting Lives

Workshops and Seminars

  • Lead​ership Development sessions are designed to meet the needs of staff teams or individuals seeking to eleva​te their professional development skills. Business Etiquette, Customer Service, Effective Communication and other trainings are geared to  a​ssist attendees in gaining stand-out leadership skills.

  • Professi​onal development offerings address key areas which can help improve confidence for expansion of a company in the public market and introduces your business product or the individual in successful advancement to next level positions.

  • Based upon company need, the following segments can be presented in a variety of formats, i.e. as individual 60 to 90 minute to 1/2 day workshops, ... in a weekly program forum ... 4 to 10-week program segments or can be packaged and delivered in a 2-day retreat

ABC's of

Have you or someone on your team ever led a training or presentation where you weren’t quite comfortable, recognized some attendees were zoning out or just downright looked bored?  No worries, help is on the way. This training is an interactive event that provides leaders with strategies and tools for... 

   a) elevating professional

       presentation skills


   b) crafting impactful topical

       training or workshop designs. 

Customer Service

Is the level of customer service of you and your team leaving people smiling or frowning? Should you even care? YES! Customer Service is the experience realized by those being served, as well as the attitude exhibited by those delivering the service. The level of customer service delivered impacts your financial bottom line. The first level of customer service a business should strive for, at minimum, is GOOD.  But we can’t say ‘Yeah Us’ and stop there.  The 2nd level to achieve is GREAT –  3rd level is to, summit at EXCELLENT!

Effective Communication

Something we rarely consider is the fact that almost every problem, conflict, mistake and misunderstanding has at its most basic level a problem with interpersonal communication.  Understanding how to own the effects of what we say and how we say things can have the greatest impact on your effectiveness in your personal and professional life.  We'll explore how to listen well, think before speaking, write clearly, deliver presentations, and more.

Business Etiquette

Introduces/strengthens the foundation of personal/social and professional skills focusing on presentation of oneself.    The soft skills experienced are critical to the success of an individual desiring to strategically develop their professional career path.  You'll be placed in both social and business situations which will require demonstration of professional decorum.  Like cream, ‘leaders rise to the top’. 

Career Mapping

Career decisions and strategies are not one-time events, but are steps in an ongoing and life-long career development process. Participants will develop a personally-defined career management strategy and plan utilizing 4 stages that make up the career development cycle.

Team Building​

Each of us as individuals bring something unique (diverse) to the table.  It’s important to have some knowledge and recognition of others’ perspectives. Experience a series of purposeful exercises, interactions, and messaging points geared to direct attendees to the overall goal … gain a greater understanding of the value of working as a team and usher your staff group towards building stronger connections resulting in a more impactful bottom line.

Networking Skills

Everyone you know or rub elbows with are POTENTIAL NETWORKING CONTACTS.    Attendees learn to promote themselves with strategic intention and purpose. Networking serves to provide information, support and job leads. It improves your interpersonal and interviewing skills, takes place in formal or informal settings, assists in the choice of a major career and can validate your career interests. Develop a path to advance in your professional career goals and personal life. 


Participants explore the role of the supervisor as leader, motivator, and team builder. Opportunities are provided to practice supervisory skills, and build a positive work environment. Personal credibility and character development are interwoven throughout this interactive module.


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Empowering People - Impacting Lives

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